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The travelings of sound Pilgrim! The travelings of sound

Spot Life The Eco System

The Circles and the Rings of the circles, with the Ghost festival at Staunton street eco system.

Martin Lorentsson

Martin Lorentsson



Martin Lorentsson

Martin Lorentsson

The loan, the O Catering time … The Lorentsson twins comments the event and both of them got the very same tics in the photo almost looking like two in each of them, just beyond the other one, and yet they did it in stereo.

 Porphyrin one made air the second lived in the Biosphere airing the water

SoHo Staunton Street Hong Kong

Eat Right Organic Food Eco System

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From A Z-snoring world we heard that the fitness trends in 2014 was from Zumba to Soul Cycling.


At least according to Wall Street Journal

At least according to Wall Street Journal

At least according to Wall Street Journal


Life up the walls of a street can be so much, so much for so many … mani mani mani29576ebab026950e3417f25968d6f05b7084c87f

Mani mani


And as time goes by

58149e2f1590466caaf262a6047adcc4b9871db4 Point to Point Galopping the Hong Kong Jockey club - Rings on the water circles it in

From point to point just point in the galloping


frog jumps on the water

Web in the architectures of sound pilgrim


Here comes the pilgrims cruising the crusaders of waves as a sound advice in the anatomy of the architectures in itself . the point of meaning.

Musical Pilgrimage (2006), Part 1, Srinagar, Kashmir

Musical Pilgrimage (2006), Part 2: Dancing in Jasailmar

Music pilgrimages one

Music Pilgrim – pilgrims of sound
2 II

And of cause the totally unknown duets in Yunnan named :Duet in Diqing, Yunnan, with Dadawa and Tashi Tsereng – What else could you really expect

A part of travel in sound

Miao/Hmong Hillcountry Polyphonies: from Dadawa (Zhu Zheqin) hillcountry tour.

月出 朱哲琴與民族歌樂師》紀錄片 製作花絮 / “Moonrise” & Ethnic Music Masters

Meander wave



But the hungry Ghost continues, and we all have it inside us. That hunger and that Ghost, awaken by the hunger, as the underlay to the understanding, it is a standing role in hard times of the interplay, speaking from spoke to hub about the starvation states in the world of the web.

Weaving the warp with high tone that touches the back bone with it’s Ca ca do, Egg shell in very basic assembler spell the teller :  do you egg fish in.


On the Rings of the ring making

Water shredders mating on the water

Frog jump in on G

Orbit in the Shure face tension  Surface smile in.

The travelings of sound, pilgrims what more than that could you be or expect

Porphyrin one made air the second lived in the Biosphere airing the water

Spot Life in the Circle of the Spiralline



Restaurant Eat Right is Closing and The eat right food programme moving to Kinwick Centre unit 902 9/F  Hollywood Road 32 Central SoHo Hong Kong