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... Men, Barn och Hundar älskar mig, tydligen ständigt enligt alla andra. Själv vet jag inte alls något om det men tycker samtidigt det skulle vara hjärtlöst att förneka andras så hjärtinnerliga upplevelser, så jag försöker därför att försöka lära mig kontentan av det alla säger.

Motorcycle man and motorcycle gangs in general might not have a general reputation of helping people in need or for brave things in general when catastrophic events have occurred.

Typhoon Philippines

Directly after the typhoon had hit, friends of ours in Cebu, Philippines have been making up care packages for the victims of Typhoon .

As you can see there is a load our two for delivery. Thank a lot of Motorcycle bound people from Basak Kagudoy Mactan and even some hardcore MC gang members  for the great work. I am sure you gifts will be appreciated by those who receive them.

Mactan Motorcycle helps

Outsider MC Effelberger News typhoon helping charity

The Cebu Mactan Biker made some headlines in the news and Michael Effelberger once again was on the headline

Mactan Motorcycle helps

Mactan Motorcycle helps

Mactan Motorcycle helps

Mactan Motorcycle helps

Mactan Cebu Philippines MC

Michael Effelberger made his Hotel in Basak Kagudoy to a home for the typhoon victims helping actions of the Outsider MC. That’s how it come to be helping hand from basically motorcycle bound persons in Basak Kagudoy who was the first to attend help in minor and then in major scale after one of the typhoon have hit hard in on the philippines. Michaels wife Marlene Effelberger shares his heartfilled mission and will to give something back to the country they love.

Mactan Motorcycle helps

Here is Marlene Effelberger

MB’s Garden Inn

Rent a Bike – Mikel Effelberger

Basak  Kagudoy

Lapu-Lapu City

6015 Cebu

So starting a vacation with the aftermath of a typhoon is for sure a specific experience.

Mactan Motorcycle MC EnergyMC Road sign on Mactan Bridge to Cebu

I started by MB’s Motorcycle rental service who has over 30 years in restaurant and hotel business. Michael Effelberger who runs the Rent a bike is an old adventurer by himself, ended up in the Philippines has Bikes from 125ccm up to 650ccm

Mactan Motorcycle helps

That about the typhoon for now.

Hotel Near Mactan Airport-MB's motorcycle rental

Near airport Hotel Mactan

We are located in Mactan / Lapu-Lapu City, you find us at the

The MB’s Hotel Garden Inn has gained a lot of positive voice latest was ..

One happy customer said

Good food,good rooms, good staff (cute girls). I have stayed there many times and the cheapest rooms were 950. The restaurant/bar ranges from almost empty and quiet to crowded and noisy–depending on time of day, day of the week, season and special events. If you want a quieter room be sure to let the staff know. The owner offers discounts for longer stays.

MB’s Garden Inn is also the headquarters of the local chapter of Outsider Motorcycle Club. There are motorcycles available for rent.

Hotel Near Mactan Airport-MB's Hotel Garden Inn

In-route to the corporate news, prudently

Find your way around from Mactan international airport to a nice hotel, restaurant and of cause Motorcycle rental, here i suggest Rent a bike on Basak Kagudoy near MB’s Garden inn.

Motorcycle rental Mactan Big Bike

Here is the MB’s Rent a Bike Hotel in mactan – Garden inn near the international airport of Mactan Cebu. owner is Marlene Effelberger with Michael Effelberger.



Martin Lorentsson Valentine the ultimate love guide

Valentine’s: the ultimate love guide

The mercury is rising, the bees are abuzz and love is in the air. February 14 usually has Him fretting over how to spoil Her. A day in honour of lovers means romantic dinners, flowers, cards and chocolates. What about the ultimate Valentine’s Day? Here’s what some Hongkongers would do.
‘Let’s pretend I’m not married,’ says the 40-year- old sales clerk, who (perhaps understandably) doesn’t want to give her full name or be photographed. ‘I’d really like to spend the whole day with my boyfriend in a room by the beach just talking, drinking and making love. It would be in Thailand, where there are lots of good places to go.
‘If it was in Hong Kong, I’d go to Lamma and do the same thing: spend the day making love, and eating and drinking. I’d have a chef on call.
‘And I’d have to be pampered with massages, facials – the whole lot.’

2 go along
Frog jumps, rings on the water
H2O H2O Halo Halo Halo
Mold in the formal Thing soldier. Lego, ring in the water ups in the down

Martin Lorentsson
The day would start and end in The Peninsula, says the 35-year-old personal trainer.
‘We’d have breakfast in bed of champagne and strawberries, then take a helicopter from the hotel roof and go to the spa at Macau’s Mandarin Oriental.
‘She’d be spoiled from head to toe. Afterwards, we’d take a helicopter to Tai Long Wan [at Sai Kung], where a chef would prepare a seafood lunch.
‘[Canto-pop singer] Sandy Lam Yik-lin would perform, and then the two of us would hang out, chat, drink champagne, and have Belgian chocolates and strawberries on a beach.
‘We’d take the helicopter back to The Peninsula, where U2 would perform a private concert for us and our friends.
‘Instead of a fireworks display, I’d give $10 million to the homeless and poor. Then, we’d go back to our room which would be covered in a sea of flowers in all the colours of the rainbow. We’d have more champagne and chocolates, and then make love.’


Ricky Stone
The DJ wants a 24-hour feast for the senses. ‘I’d wake her up before noon – just enough time to smell her hair, hum in her ear, and bathe her in an ivory, freestanding tub filled with rose water and Casablanca [lily] petals.
‘I’d buy her parents first-class tickets to the St Lucia islands for the weekend, so there’d be no calls, no interruptions. We’d spend the day on a small, comfortable boat watching DVDs and listening to Sarah McLachlan; buying lavish and uselessly expensive toys off the internet.
‘Before dinner, I’d ask our designer friends to come by and dress us for the evening – John Galliano for her, and Armani for me.
‘I’d take her to the chef’s kitchen at the [Grand] Hyatt for dinner. It’s a small, private room inside the kitchen. After dessert, I’d get on my knees and sing U2’s One, with Usher as my back-up vocals and Slash from Guns N’ Roses as my lead guitarist.
‘We’d drown ourselves in champagne and oysters and laugh ourselves to sleep watching old Stephen Chow Sing-chi movies. On the 15th, I’d take the day off work, and we’d have that rare breakfast together.’
Ben Yiu
The 46-year-old hairdresser who hasn’t celebrated Valentine’s for about 20 years, says he’d treat family and friends to a party in The Peninsula’s best suite. ‘I’d pay for an all-night party with about 30 people, with a barbecue buffet dinner and alcohol on tap until dawn.’


Fred Lee
The 39-year-old consultant suggests dinner for two in Li Ka-shing’s office at the top of the Cheung Kong Center.
‘How much more powerful and classy can that be? Having a romantic dinner in Hong Kong’s most powerful man’s office is the ultimate aphrodisiac, isn’t it?
‘Think of the view, the ability to have the entire government at your finger tips. And to top it off, if you need to make an investment or two, you only have to go downstairs and you have one of the world’s premier investment banks at your beck and call.
‘For food, we’d fly several chefs from Le Cordon Bleu school in Paris. We’d get them to make something using Hong Kong ingredients and local produce. It’s supposed to be fresh, so surprise us.
‘For wine, we’d try to get an early taste of the 2000 Chateau Haut Brion. You’ve got to try it to see if that hot, hot, hot summer of 2000 was really that good for French wines. Or was that all hype?
Music would be Diana Krall crooning away … dessert would be cherries jubilee or baked Alaska. There’s something just yummy about flaming cherries in brandy sauce.’

Kong Lun-sing
The 60-year-old minibus driver would fulfil his wife’s every wish – but it wouldn’t be in Hong Kong. ‘If I had all the money in the world, I’d take her to England, hire a limousine to tour London and have a picnic at Hyde Park. We’d shop at Harrods before taking afternoon tea with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.
‘Then, we’d fly to Italy for dinner at the Trevi Fountain by moonlight. There’d be musicians playing just for us, and we’d have our own waiter and personal chef.’

Handel Online

May Lui Lai-yee
‘I’d have a lavish dinner in a heritage building, like something out of the 18th century in Europe – I guess the restaurant in The Peninsula fits the bill,’ says the 38-year-old Peel Street jewellery stall owner, who says she doesn’t need a lot of money to have the perfect day. ‘A romantic restaurant makes Valentine’s Day unforgettable.’
Tiffanny Yiu Yun
The 35-year-old florist says money isn’t important. She plans to spend the day the way she has for the past 10 years.
‘I normally don’t sleep for two or three days, but I love sharing the day with all my customers,’ says the mother of two daughters. ‘Staying together, happiness and true love is what Valentine’s Day is about.
‘Every year is the best Valentine’s Day because I get to share it with all my customers. I want everyone to have a happy day and share in the love’

The travelings of sound Pilgrim! The travelings of sound

Spot Life The Eco System

The Circles and the Rings of the circles, with the Ghost festival at Staunton street eco system.

Martin Lorentsson

Martin Lorentsson



Martin Lorentsson

Martin Lorentsson

The loan, the O Catering time … The Lorentsson twins comments the event and both of them got the very same tics in the photo almost looking like two in each of them, just beyond the other one, and yet they did it in stereo.

 Porphyrin one made air the second lived in the Biosphere airing the water

SoHo Staunton Street Hong Kong

Eat Right Organic Food Eco System

// 2a112f39255aae1d39749cfd888fe16586c1f53c

From A Z-snoring world we heard that the fitness trends in 2014 was from Zumba to Soul Cycling.


At least according to Wall Street Journal

At least according to Wall Street Journal

At least according to Wall Street Journal


Life up the walls of a street can be so much, so much for so many … mani mani mani29576ebab026950e3417f25968d6f05b7084c87f

Mani mani


And as time goes by

58149e2f1590466caaf262a6047adcc4b9871db4 Point to Point Galopping the Hong Kong Jockey club - Rings on the water circles it in

From point to point just point in the galloping


frog jumps on the water

Web in the architectures of sound pilgrim

Here comes the pilgrims cruising the crusaders of waves as a sound advice in the anatomy of the architectures in itself . the point of meaning.

Musical Pilgrimage (2006), Part 1, Srinagar, Kashmir

Musical Pilgrimage (2006), Part 2: Dancing in Jasailmar

Music pilgrimages one

Music Pilgrim – pilgrims of sound
2 II

And of cause the totally unknown duets in Yunnan named :Duet in Diqing, Yunnan, with Dadawa and Tashi Tsereng – What else could you really expect

A part of travel in sound

Miao/Hmong Hillcountry Polyphonies: from Dadawa (Zhu Zheqin) hillcountry tour.

月出 朱哲琴與民族歌樂師》紀錄片 製作花絮 / “Moonrise” & Ethnic Music Masters

Meander wave



But the hungry Ghost continues, and we all have it inside us. That hunger and that Ghost, awaken by the hunger, as the underlay to the understanding, it is a standing role in hard times of the interplay, speaking from spoke to hub about the starvation states in the world of the web.

Weaving the warp with high tone that touches the back bone with it’s Ca ca do, Egg shell in very basic assembler spell the teller :  do you egg fish in.


On the Rings of the ring making

Water shredders mating on the water

Frog jump in on G

Orbit in the Shure face tension  Surface smile in.

The travelings of sound, pilgrims what more than that could you be or expect

Porphyrin one made air the second lived in the Biosphere airing the water

Spot Life in the Circle of the Spiralline



Restaurant Eat Right is Closing and The eat right food programme moving to Kinwick Centre unit 902 9/F  Hollywood Road 32 Central SoHo Hong Kong





Some readers have begged for some anagrams for Spot Life. We have decided to release some 180 of them for FREE public enjoyment and usages.

Fie Plots
File Tops
File Opts
File Stop
File Post
File Pots
File Spot
Lief Tops
Lief Opts
Lief Stop
Lief Post
Lief Pots
Lief Spot
Life Tops
Life Opts
Life Stop
Life Post
Life Pots
Life Spot

Flies Pot
Flies Opt
Flies Top
Files Pot
Files Opt
Files Top
Fliest Op
Filets Op
Stifle Op
Itself Op
Filet Ops
Filet Sop
Elf Posit
Floe Tips
Floe Pits
Floe Spit
Floes Tip
Floes Pit
Felts Poi
Lefts Poi
Left Pois
Felt Pois
Foe Spilt
Foe Split
Pile Soft
Plies Oft
Spiel Oft
Piles Oft
Tiles Fop
Islet Fop
Stile Fop
Tile Fops
Lite Fops
Pie Lofts
Pise Loft
Pies Loft
Ties Flop
Site Flop
Tie Flops
Pole Fist
Pole Fits
Pole Sift
Lope Fist
Lope Fits
Lope Sift
Poles Fit
Lopes Fit
Slope Fit
Ope Flits
Ope Lifts
Pose Flit
Pose Lift
Peso Flit
Peso Lift
Opes Flit
Opes Lift
Toes Flip

Spotlife Exlusivt Bloggnätverk

Toe Flips
Pets Foil
Pest Foil
Step Foil
Pet Foils
Elf I Tops
Elf I Opts
Elf I Stop
Elf I Post
Elf I Pots
Elf I Spot
Elf Pi Sot
Elf Psi To
Elf Sip To
Elf Pis To
Elf Tip So
Elf Pit So
Elf Is Pot
Elf Is Opt
Elf Is Top
Elf Tis Op
Elf Its Op
Elf Sit Op
Elf Ti Ops
Elf Ti Sop
Elf It Ops
Elf It Sop
Pelf I Sot
Pelf Is To
Pelf Ti So
Pelf It So
Pelfs I To
Self I Pot
Self I Opt
Self I Top
Self Pi To
Self Ti Op
Self It Op
Felts I Op
Lefts I Op
Left I Ops
Left I Sop
Left Pi So
Left Is Op
Felt I Ops
Felt I Sop
Felt Pi So
Felt Is Op
Fest I Pol
Fest I Lop
Fest Pi Lo
El If Tops
El If Opts
El If Stop
El If Post
El If Pots
El If Spot
El Ifs Pot
El Ifs Opt
El Ifs Top
El Fist Op
El Fits Op
El Sift Op
El Fit Ops
El Fit Sop
El Of Tips
El Of Pits
El Of Spit
El Fop Tis
El Fop Its
El Fop Sit
El Fops Ti
El Fops It
El Soft Pi
El Oft Psi
El Oft Sip
El Oft Pis
Spelt Of I
Pelts Of I
Slept Of I
Pelt If So
Pelt Of Is
Lept If So
Lept Of Is
Lets If Op
Lets Of Pi
Lets Fop I
Lest If Op
Lest Of Pi
Lest Fop I
Let If Ops
Let If Sop
Let Ifs Op
Let Of Psi
Let Of Sip
Let Of Pis
Let Fop Is
Let Fops I
Pets If Lo
Pest If Lo
Step If Lo
Pet If Sol
Pet Ifs Lo
Set If Pol
Set If Lop
Set Flop I
Set Of Lip

Spot Life …

En till Spotlife Exklusivt Bloggnätverk

Opale eeee sing

Halo, Halo, as the last reflecting

Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life

Spot Life Com Life Spotting

Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Life Spot Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Spotlife Spot Life Life Spitting Spot Life


Lunch 32 Staunton St


Lunch Eat Right Staunton st
Chrysanthemum Broth w Vegetable
Halloumi & Mango Salad
Beef Teriyaki w Baked Potato
Spaghetti Salmon w Basil Cream Sauce
Spinach Quiche
Carrot Cake
Piccolo Latte or Tea

Lunch Eat Right 23 Staunton Street

Lunch Eat Right 23 Staunton Street

Lunch Eat Right Staunton st
Asparagus Soup
Greek Salad
BBQ Pork w Cheese in Pita Bread
Sole Fillet w Brown Rice &
Sautéed Veggies
Halloumi Wrap
Cheese Cake
Piccolo Latte or Tea

Lunch Eat Right 23 Staunton Street

Lunch Eat Right 23 Staunton Street

Wednesday Lunch Eat Right Staunton st
Broccoli Soup
Parma Ham Salad
Cajun Season Barramundi w Rice & Fennel
Chicken Linguini w Caper Light Cream Sauce
Gratin Of Pumpkin, Spinach & Potato
w Tomato Sauce
Piccolo Latte or Tea

Lunch Eat Right 23 Staunton Street

Lunch Eat Right Staunton st
Green Pea Soup
Lyonnais Salad
Prawn Barley Risotto w Pesto
B.B.Q Chicken w Wedges & Salad
Penne w Pesto
Chocolate Cake
Piccolo Latte or Tea

Lunch Eat Right 23 Staunton Street

Lunch Eat Right 23 Staunton Street

Friday Lunch Eat Right Staunton st SoHo
Pumpkin & Coriander Soup
Baked Stuffed Tomato w Veggies &
Lemongrass Chicken w Brown Rice &
Salad in Hoisin Sauce
Sole Florentine w Wedges &
Veggie Wrap
Chocolate Cake
Piccolo Latte or Tea

Lunch Eat Right 23 Staunton Street

Lunch SoHo Hong Kong

Hong Kong or HK or 香港

士丹頓街 = Staunton Street or 卅間 Sam Sap Kan


Staunton Street

Once from Staunton St on the way back to Staunton Street

Hong Kong


Thai Skanstorget

My Spot life Eat Right

Welcome to my Spotlife | Spotlife Exklusivt Bloggnätverk


Spotlife Stop Life – Warning – Censor blogs and erase blogs!


Spot-Life Exklusivt

 spotlfies life-spot SpotLife Spot*Life

SPOTLIFE Exklusivt Bloggnätverk

SPOTLIFE Exklusivt Bloggnätverk

Spotlife Exlusivt Bloggnätverk

SPOTLIFE Exklusivt Bloggnätverk

En till och en till



spotlife-sv spotlife-tidig spotlife-vb spot-life

Spot Life

Food Programme SoHo Staunton St

SoHo Hong Kong Restaurant Food Programme Catering

beyond the catering informative

Martin Lorentsson Sets Meals in Motion


Thank you for Spot Life Here in this moment of time