Motorcycle man and motorcycle gangs in general might not have a general reputation of helping people in need or for brave things in general when catastrophic events have occurred.

Typhoon Philippines

Directly after the typhoon had hit, friends of ours in Cebu, Philippines have been making up care packages for the victims of Typhoon .

As you can see there is a load our two for delivery. Thank a lot of Motorcycle bound people from Basak Kagudoy Mactan and even some hardcore MC gang members  for the great work. I am sure you gifts will be appreciated by those who receive them.

Mactan Motorcycle helps

Outsider MC Effelberger News typhoon helping charity

The Cebu Mactan Biker made some headlines in the news and Michael Effelberger once again was on the headline

Mactan Motorcycle helps

Mactan Motorcycle helps

Mactan Motorcycle helps

Mactan Motorcycle helps

Mactan Cebu Philippines MC

Michael Effelberger made his Hotel in Basak Kagudoy to a home for the typhoon victims helping actions of the Outsider MC. That’s how it come to be helping hand from basically motorcycle bound persons in Basak Kagudoy who was the first to attend help in minor and then in major scale after one of the typhoon have hit hard in on the philippines. Michaels wife Marlene Effelberger shares his heartfilled mission and will to give something back to the country they love.

Mactan Motorcycle helps

Here is Marlene Effelberger

MB’s Garden Inn

Rent a Bike – Mikel Effelberger

Basak  Kagudoy

Lapu-Lapu City

6015 Cebu

So starting a vacation with the aftermath of a typhoon is for sure a specific experience.

Mactan Motorcycle MC EnergyMC Road sign on Mactan Bridge to Cebu

I started by MB’s Motorcycle rental service who has over 30 years in restaurant and hotel business. Michael Effelberger who runs the Rent a bike is an old adventurer by himself, ended up in the Philippines has Bikes from 125ccm up to 650ccm

Mactan Motorcycle helps

That about the typhoon for now.

Hotel Near Mactan Airport-MB's motorcycle rental

Near airport Hotel Mactan

We are located in Mactan / Lapu-Lapu City, you find us at the

The MB’s Hotel Garden Inn has gained a lot of positive voice latest was ..

One happy customer said

Good food,good rooms, good staff (cute girls). I have stayed there many times and the cheapest rooms were 950. The restaurant/bar ranges from almost empty and quiet to crowded and noisy–depending on time of day, day of the week, season and special events. If you want a quieter room be sure to let the staff know. The owner offers discounts for longer stays.

MB’s Garden Inn is also the headquarters of the local chapter of Outsider Motorcycle Club. There are motorcycles available for rent.

Hotel Near Mactan Airport-MB's Hotel Garden Inn

In-route to the corporate news, prudently

Find your way around from Mactan international airport to a nice hotel, restaurant and of cause Motorcycle rental, here i suggest Rent a bike on Basak Kagudoy near MB’s Garden inn.

Motorcycle rental Mactan Big Bike

Here is the MB’s Rent a Bike Hotel in mactan – Garden inn near the international airport of Mactan Cebu. owner is Marlene Effelberger with Michael Effelberger.



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